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“For 40 years, the Jolly Green Giant has stood watch over Blue Earth, MN. Standing 55.5′ tall and mounted on an 8′-high base, the fiberglass behemoth weighs approximately 8,000 pounds and sports size 78 boots. But as it turns out, even a giant is no match for Mother Nature. According to Tim Knaak, owner of Mike’s Painting & Sandblasting, which was tasked with restoring the green guy to good form and appearance, the Minnesota weather had taken its toll on the giant. “At the initial inspection,” says Knaak, “the first thing we noticed was about a foot and a half of water in his boots. Cracks and pinholes throughout the structure had allowed water in. Plus, there was a larger hole in his head where he’d been hit by lightning.” Working from a 65′ lift, Knaak’s crew tackled the restoration by first drilling holes in the boots to allow the water to drain. The next step was to power wash to remove dirt and debris. The crew then used USC Duraglas for the large holes, Crest Industries Formula 21 Structural Adhesive (a two-part auto body seam sealer) for the large cracks, and Crest seam sealer for small cracks. Next, a coat of SAFE Encasement Systems was applied all over to seal up any and all pinholes. As a last step, two coats of Sherwin-Williams Duration—50 gallons in all—was sprayed, brushed and rolled on. Knaak noted, “While he’s a giant, it wasn’t the biggest project we’ve ever done. But it certainly was the most unique.””