Mike’s Painting & Sandblasting


 Mike’s Painting & Sandblasting started with humble beginnings. In the winter of 1999, Mike’s purchased C&A Sandblasting in New Ulm. Originally the purchase was intended to grow the Auto and Semi collision business that we also own, but we quickly discovered all the potential business in the mobile painting and sandblasting industry.

In spring of 2000, a local Farmer, Friend and long-time customer asked if we could sandblast and paint a fuel tank at his farm place and so the story begins. We purchased a beat up 1973 flat bed with a gas powered V-8, a used sand pod with hoses and a portable air compressor. Knowing equipment wasn’t the only challenge, we sweet talked an employee into doing just this one job, so we thought.

Through word of mouth, we spent the entire summer farm-site to farm-site and so the business began. In years to follow Mike’s Painting & Sandblasting took a much more serious approach to the potential business out there. We Purchased Linsmeier Sandblasting and Painting in 2004 and Paint the Town Company in 2006. We also purchased boom trucks, lift equipment, flat beds and vans to better handle the ever growing business needs.

723 23RD NO- NU2Over the years the business grew from one employee to ten employees, all of which have many combined years of experience in the painting and sandblasting industry. Today our business offers a wide variety of services in many forms of applications and coatings. Our excellent workmanship, loyal customer base and commitment to customer satisfaction has driven our business success.

  • Residential Painting
  • Agricultural Painting
  • Industrial Painting
  • Commercial Painting
  • On-site & Mobile Sandblasting